Project Millennium Three (PM3) is a Federally approved 501(C)(3) not-for-profit charitable corporation, effective 2008.

PM3 is unique under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code: To provide financial assistance as deemed qualified by the corporation to any person in financial peril due to factors beyond their control. Experts state the freedom extended to PM3, is extremely irregular.

Farash has self-funded this organization which primarily focused on helping single parents and the elderly.

Effective 2021, Project Millennium Three will focus on persons that are victimized by life altering cyber-attacks (various forms of hacking.)

There is a significant number of casualties that are unable to properly function after being targeted. Many of these persons will not discuss their violation with others. Particularly loved ones.

It’s second focus is on persons that have severe posttraumatic stress. It’s third focus is to provide individuals that are in severe financial peril.

PM3, is now in need of significant financial backing. If the very rich do not get involved in these current difficulties the world is facing, it may be much more difficult to pull out of a possible financial collapse. And/or possible civil unrest not known in the history of this country. Farash believes the extremely wealthy dedication to solving current problems may be the key factor in returning to some form of normalcy.

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